angle washer Angle-Washer

A Water Plate with an integral floating nut for angled walla.

Bar Size Washer size
15mm 120 x 120 x 6mm

connector Connector

Full strength Hexagon Tierod Connector with cente-pin stop. Used for joining Tierods.

Bar Size Dimensions
15mm 30 x 105mm
20mm 40 x 130mm
26.5mm 50 x 150mm
32mm 62 x 180mm
36mm 67 x 220mm
40mm 71 x 250mm

Water Barrier Nuts Water-Barrier-Nuts

For use in water retaining structures. After concrete pour the Tierods are removed leaving the water barrier in place. Two plastic reducers reqired for each nut.

Bar Size Standard Sizes
15mm 110mm long 65mm disc
20mm 140mm long 130mm disc

hexagonal nut Hexagon-Nut

For use as an alternative to wing nuts when access & space are limited

Bar Size Diameter
15mm 30 x 50mm